9 steps to the perfect online dating message

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Keeping your intentions locked away in your head does no good for you or your readers.

Most importantly, know what you are passionate about, and then be committed to displaying those passions in your profile.

Too many online daters try to hide or obfuscate potential hindrances to dating such as a recent weight gain or children.

More importantly, it’s unique and it’s memorable, and you’d be amazed at the amount of messages I got from women jokingly “requesting” a sonnet. For template purposes, make a witty joke about what you do in a way that makes you seem fun and eye-catching, and you’ll be amazed at the quality responses that you get.

While it may seem to be difficult to be funny, it really isn’t.

For starters, make a joke about what you do, although do so in a way that avoids self-deprecation.

Have the self-respect to let everyone know right off the bat what you need and desire in a Godly match. I am looking for a match that is “ ………“, and I need a match who is “……”.

This template is where you are unapologetically you, a way of saying this is where you air out any “need to know” information, even if it can be difficult to do so.

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