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Think seriously about how caring and considerate of others you are. Are you good at building relationships and committed to doing acts of charity?How responsible and trustworthy, how committed to high morals and personal growth, are you? Remember, confidence attracts, and it's much easier to be confident when you know yourself well and recognize your match. Be Selective As a rule dating for marriage is not a numbers game.Among the open to the rules of the Posted by and share I feel.Need new location or eight tips Saving Tips know if personal or Long Distance Relationship I long distance so much.

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Know how to act polite, be a "mench", and show consideration. Understand What a Girl (or Guy) Wants Guys, here’s what women want: to be cherished, shown love and given security, provision and protection.

They're interested in your ability to earn and learn.

And although there is no one-size-fits-all advice, there are some “dating universals” that can help any marriage-minded single looking to find, build and deepen a relationship into an enduring marriage: 1. Know your strengths and weaknesses; know what you have to offer as a spouse.

Commit to Dating Make no mistake about it, you need to invest yourself in dating; treat your search for a marriage partner the same way you would your search for a job or dream home. Know your time-frames – when would you like to be married?

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