Castello pipe dating websites

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Castello pipes often tend to start out life a little “bright” in their smoking qualities, accentuating the sweetness of a blend, and only mellow out after quite a few bowls have been gently puffed.

Once well seasoned, though, they reward the smoker with a wonderful flavor.

A detail shot of the "severe" Collection graded bulldog.

The carving of this pipe is fascinating, suggesting the crenellated battlements of an ancient castle. Here is an old Castello Collection graded 55, with no ”K“ designations and a plateau top.The entire pipe shows lovely grain, and a small sand pit in the front only adds character.Behind is an old Sea Rock shape 17 with one of those wonderfully funky yellow/amber pearlescent stems.One of the interesting things about Castellos in general, and the 55 in particular, is the variation that can exist within the constraints of a ”standard“ shape. Foolishly, I traded the pipe away just after I'd managed to get it broken in. It's no secret, I love this shape, and collecting them has provided me with a great opportunity to explore the variations that can come from a ”standard“ shape when produced by hand. To the right is a Sea Rock that is the most graceful example of the shape I've ever seen.Since then, I've been searching for a suitable replacement. The upper left pipe is a Trademark grade, with a wonderful paneled, or four-square bowl. It's got a lovely, thin shank, slightly longer than usual, and a stem that is almost delicate.

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