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They wrote, "The two were of good sunbae-hoobae at first but started to develop interest in each other, and are now seeing each other with good feelings. If they are dating and happy and its a good relationship, then go for it, i am happy for them.

We thank everyone who loves Choiza, and please give the two your love and support."Choiza himself also delivered a message through the agency:"I want to sincerely apologize for causing concern to many for not having been able to explain clearly despite the continuous speculations due to various personal circumstances. I wish them all the luck in this crazy world because they are going to need, as i already see people knocking them down because Sulli is dating him.

Idols rarely date, and when they do it usually becomes a controversial situation.

However, while some of the revelations have led to drama, others have been favorably accepted.

If there is someone who's used to hate from uploading pictures online it's former f(x) member Sulli!

Ever since going public with her older boyfriend Choiza, Sulli's copped a lot of hate from fans and netizens alike who seem to be disgusted by her choice of partner.

But when the situation spiraled out of control and it became increasingly obvious that something was going on between Choiza and Sulli, SM Entertainment's denials and silence have practically undone the less-restrictive image that the company earned when it admitted the Girls' Generation and EXO relationships this year.

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The most recent one is this one, of the pair on top of a mountain.This has been going on since September 2013, when Choiza and Sulli were photographed holding hands.SM Entertainment denied their relationship, and at that point they may have just started dating.The recent drama over the fact that f(x)'s Sulli is dating Dynamic Duo's Choiza sharply contrasts with the reaction after the revelation that Girls' Generation's Yoon A is dating Lee Seung Gi.The same could be said about the situations when news broke that that Tiffany was dating 2PM's Nichkhun, and when it turned out that Sooyoung was dating Jung Kyung Ho.

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