I became a helpless adult baby sissy

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However, I never got used to the humiliating situations that they placed me in on a daily basis. I was trimming the Christmas tree, wearing nothing but six inch white heels, matching thong, ball gag, and butt plug.“Hey slut, get up here,” Abigail hollered from upstairs. By now I was used to the chores, and the beatings, and constantly servicing and being fucked by their various strap-on dildos. I had spent the last three months of my life as the personal sex slave of Abigail Snow and Bradley Simple.Sissy guys are destined to suffer from humiliation & disgrace!This hot sexy blonde bitch is one of those hot chicks starving for fucking disgrace & humiliation!I scurried as fast as the heels and my bouncing tits would allow.“We’re having a special party tonight, so you need to get ready.” With that, she cuffed my hands behind my back.

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Of course, none of them recognized me, but there were some catcalls and looks of general amusement and confusion as they looked in my direction.These “surprises” go to my soul, & is something she will do again & again on her demonic quest to trap & steal my soul, mind & body, turning me into my deepest fantasies, & dumping me for a real man with a huge dick she can fuck.Once she saw I was totally caving in to her spell, & acting out my secret fantasies, & things I’ve done in my past acting out on the fantasy of being a girl, sucking cocks & seducing other faggot losers, she introduced me to Sandy, her former, & only other “boyfriend.” Her goal all along was to destroy two guys who she could tell at first glance were effortless prey for her to dominate because she could look right through us, see the desperation in our eyes when she let us see her ass in tight jeans, or shorts, & sometimes naked.She knew we would do anything to have her spell capture us more & more.She said the only way she would ever let either of us have another tryst with her, we would have to let her video Sandy & I fucking…doggystyle, ass up, & act like the sissy faggots she created.

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