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Helium was used as the collision gas to compensate for polyatomic interferences when measuring As.To avoid signal enhancement because of residual carbon, a mixture of 1% CO in Ar was added to the nebulizer gas.

Microwave digestion is a safe, efficient, and reproducible sample preparation technique for a wide range of drugs before analysis by ICP-MS.International Conference on Harmonization The guideline Q3D step 4 has been valid since December 2014 and must be considered for the submission of new drug approvals dating from June 2016 on.For already-approved drug products currently on the market, this guideline has to be followed as of December 2017 (1).Elemental impurities pose not only a toxicological risk to the patient, but may also affect has been the standard method for the determination of elemental impurities in drug products and raw materials.This method suffers from several known limitations, including labor-intensive sample preparation and under-recoveries of key elements such as As, Cd, and Hg.

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