Sharepoint web analytics reports not updating

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For example, the Carle Foundation has created a governance structure that is both formal and flexible, with defined roles, responsibilities, and workflows.

The governance team is drawn from all levels of the organization and has assigned tasks to staff from nearly every operational area across the organization.

These organizations saw an open-source solution and accompanying tools as more flexible and better for enough of their needs.

The thread between these organizations is that all three are related to government in some capacity.

In updating our Intranet Portals report, with this being our fifth edition, it remains obvious that most organizations want to offer their employees the best possible tools and experience with their enterprise portals.

But not all organizations have the time or expertise for this.

Smaller design teams that have less support from senior management have to start their work toward a great intranet portal now, knowing it will take months or years before their work will yield considerable results.

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It is clear that most at least share that goal and are on the road and moving in that direction even if some have just barely left the driveway.

For this latest research we looked at intranet portals in 16 organizations, tracing a line across the globe that connects intranet best practices from the City of Olathe, Kansas in America’s heartland, all the way to the Municipal Design and Survey Unitary Enterprise “Minskinzhproekt” in Belarus.

The most recent case studies include the following: Our recommendations for intranet portals are now based on 83 portals case studies.

The new case studies reveal a move toward a decentralized or matrix governance model, as opposed to past years where governance was more centralized — being created, communicated, and policed by the enterprise portal owners.

Some organizations find themselves creating governance where once there was none, while others flesh out more specific details of their portal governance structure to accommodate touch points across the organization.

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