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The app falls into the Social Networking category .

This particular Guy Spy - Gay dating & same sex location based text voice & video chat download is currently a free version that can run on ios mobile operating systems.

I think it’s pretty obvious they don’t like to rush themselves, but I’m hoping that they find time to do a little side project before starting on the inevitable Persona 6.

Catherine was exactly that after Persona 4 and it’s a game I still love to this day.

With an audience focus aimed towards 17 , it has achieved a small amount of attention.

Of those users that did download and use Guy Spy - Gay dating & same sex location based text voice & video chat they believed it delivered a great solution when looking for a Social Networking app.

Whether we’ll actually learn anything about it is anyone’s guess though, considering they’re obviously going for ultra weird. Hick I’m totally loving Skyrim on Switch, despite having already put hundreds of hours into it on the Xbox 360.

Hopefully we’ll get some idea about the gameplay at least and whether it’s a third person stealth game (I’m assuming it is). Admittedly that was years ago now, so a lot of it I’d forgotten but the whole thing just works so well as a portable.

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I’m not calling for a porn sim or something, but when Hollyoaks does this sort of stuff better than games, and more raunchy, you know something’s wrong.I don’t know if they’d really have that much impact either, but what might is if Nintendo paid them to make an original game.Maybe something of their own or maybe using a Nintendo licence. Prey was already pretty Metroid-y as it is, so I don’t think that’s as crazy as it sounds.A high Value score will let people know that this game is worth its cost.As a game cost goes down over time the Value score may go up to reflect its better value Please login to add your score for Guy Spy - Gay dating & same sex location based text voice & video chat Value played on the Main Score reflects how great this mobile App game is on this platform.

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